Pollution Control Equipment

About Pollution Control Equipment

This lesson delves into air pollution mitigation equipment, particularly the hazardous waste combustor MACT illustrated in the flow diagram. The treatment involves burning hazardous waste in incinerators or boilers. Air pollution control devices follow combustion to eliminate harmful components before releasing gas into the atmosphere. These devices target sulfuric gases, VOCs, and HAPs, crucial for maintaining clean air and preventing health risks associated with pollutants and climate change.

Bag Filter

UNIVARE excels in providing a comprehensive range of filter bags, including PTFE-coated, collar-style polyester, Nomex, Aramid, and snap band non-woven filters. We offer customization and diagnostic solutions for enhanced performance.

Mechanical Dust Collector

Our company specializes in Mechanical Dust Collectors (MDC), also known as cyclones or multiclones, which extract large particles from flue gas streams using centrifugal force, gravity settling, and inertia for efficient particle collection.

Cyclonic Separators

Cyclonic separators pre-clean gases or liquids before release. Gas cyclone separators are particularly important for effective separation processes.

Wet Scrubber

Wet scrubbers, vital pollution control tools, intercept flue gases to eliminate ash particles and sulfur compounds like sulfur dioxide (SO2). They utilize gas scrubbing with water to remove pollutants effectively.