Boiler Pressure Parts

About Boiler Pressure Parts

Boiler pressure parts, essential in steam generators, handle high-pressure feed water and steam flow. Components like water walls, superheaters, and headers absorb heat from fuel, transferring it to the working fluid. Manufacturers like BEV adhere to ASME and Indian Boiler Regulations, employing skilled design teams and certified welders. Regular inspection and maintenance ensure safe and efficient operation, meeting regulatory guidelines and ensuring industrial reliability. performance.


Economizers improve boiler efficiency by recovering heat from waste flue gases. Our manufactured coils include various types to enhance performance. We offer solutions to address tube erosion, ensuring longevity.

Super Heater

Superheater coils are crucial in thermal power plants, enduring high temperatures to enhance boiler capacity and efficiency. We manufacture radiant, pendant, and reheater types using stainless steel, carbon, and alloy grades for diverse applications.

Water Wall Panel

Water wall panels, integral in modern boilers, reduce heat loss and insulation expenses. Crafted with precision using automatic welding and bending machines, our panels feature Rifle Bore Tubes meeting SA-210 Gr. C standards.

Inbed Coills

Renowned for our expertise, we excel in producing Boiler In Bed Tube Assembly. Using state-of-the-art technology and premium materials, we ensure compliance with industry standards. Our assemblies offer precise measurements, robust construction, and reliable operation.

Studed Tubes

Studded Tubes enhance heat transfer rates in super heaters and fluidized bed coils. Using Automatic Stud Welding Machines, we weld studs up to 13mm diameter with precision. Various materials are available.

Boiler Bank Tubes

Boiler bank tubes, vital for steam generation, demand expertise in tube bending to maintain efficiency. We supply replacement tubes to sugar, steel plants, refineries, and power plants, ensuring optimal boiler performance.

Pips & Tubes

We supply steel pipes, tubes, and fittings in sizes from 8 mm OD to 1016 mm OD x 1 mm Thk to 76.2 mm Thk, meeting various specifications. They are used in steam/line pipelines, boiler superheaters, economizers, water walls, headers, air preheaters, heat exchangers, rifle bore tubes, etc.