Boiler Auxiliaries

About Boiler Auxiliaries

Univare Engineers Pvt Ltd excels in providing and maintaining auxiliary parts for steam boilers, ensuring uninterrupted operations. With in-house engineering and quality control, they produce high-quality spares, mitigating downtime and financial risks. Their extensive inventory enables prompt delivery, while third-party examinations by foreign organizations ensure superior quality. Univare also offers electrical and instrumentation components to optimize boiler performance, reflecting their commitment to excellence and reliability in service delivery.

Air Preheaters

Air preheaters (APH) improve boiler efficiency by utilizing waste heat from flue gases to warm incoming air, enhancing combustion efficiency.

Water Pre Heater

Our high-quality water preheaters ensure longevity and energy efficiency, adaptable to industry standards, providing utmost satisfaction to our esteemed clients.

Induced Draft Fans

The UNIVARE industrial fan offers high efficiency, simple maintenance, low noise, robust construction, and low operating costs, meeting diverse industrial requirements.

Forced Draft Fan

We’re renowned for top-tier forced draft fans, crafted with premium materials and cutting-edge technology, offering outstanding performance, durability, and design.

Primary Air Fan

Our Boiler Primary Air Fans are known for their effectiveness and caliber, crafted with premium materials and tested rigorously for quality.

Rotary Airlock Valve

Univare specializes in Rotary Valve, Star Valve, Rotary Feeder, and Pocket Feeder, offering high-quality rotary air lock valves for dependable performance.

Plenum Chamber

Our team of highly qualified engineers crafts precision industrial plenum chambers with industry-grade inputs, ensuring longevity, dynamic performance, and customization.

Feed Water Tank

A boiler auxiliary tank, common on diesel-powered ships, houses an open feed water tank where steam condenses. We offer a wide range of Boiler Feed Water Tanks crafted by knowledgeable personnel using top-notch components and advanced technologies.


Since our establishment, we’ve consistently manufactured top-quality Industrial Chimneys. With premium materials and advanced machinery, our skilled professionals uphold industry standards. Clients appreciate the chimneys’ exceptional performance, durability, and sturdy construction.